I’ve been having the strangest dreams, and I wanted to get them written down before I forget.

Last night was especially detailed, in color and strange. My mother was getting remarried. (I have no idea where my dad was…not in the dream. Both of my parents are living in RL, though I don’t speak to them often, we have a somewhat estranged relationship currently.) She asked me to make the cake, and I said I would. She asked for a very specific cake, with three very slim layers, a spice cake layer, a chocolate layer, different flavors frosting…one was lemon and one was blueberry…the whole thing ended up looking cute, but she hated it.  So she went to a bakery and asked them to make a cake, with the wedding the next day.  She brought the cake I made to show them what she wanted, and once they said they would do it, she paid for it, and then threw my cake in the trash. I was livid, because she didn’t even ask me if I wanted some or all of it.  I went to the trash can (which was brand new in the dream, thank goodness, because…eeeew) and pulled a couple of pieces out of it and put them on a paper plate to bring home and let others try if they wanted.  I knew I wanted to at least.

Then we drove home, and an ex-boyfriend of mine from college who recently re-entered our lives was there. He was helping out with the wedding. (His name is Mick, and he happens to be my middle son’s father.) None of the kids nor my husband were in the dream, but Mick was…like he and my mom had this great relationship.  Talk about odd.  Then the dream shifted.

Now I’m in a dark, nice restaurant. Two of my friends from the Renaissance Festival (Jon and Butch, our former King and Lord Mayor) were there. For some reason the staff of the resort (which the restaurant was part of) had put my dinner in my bedroom, on my bed, by the pillow. So I asked Butch if he would join me when he had a moment. He said he would, and then never did.  I then ran into Jon, who noticed I had a new tattoo.  It was heart shaped and pink,  with a lot of flourishes. it was a lighter tattoo, and small, on the side/back of my neck on the right. I thought it was really pretty. It was a “mark”, which correlated to a scent which I picked…and it became my scent and my mark. Jon, knowing I had joined…whatever organization I joined, asked to see the tattoo. I showed him, and he admired it.

Then I woke up.  When I got my first tattoo, my friend Jon was with me and took pictures for me. That may explain about the tattoo, but the rest of the dream was just strange!