This is my Parenthetical Heaven.

Often times I will try to explain things, or give voice to the, well…voice, inside my head. Imagine there are two Caitlyn’s: One is her that you can see and hear, the other is in her head. Sort of.

Yes, my life is stranger than most.

My name is Caitlyn deAmbra. I  have a husband, three boys, two cats and a dog, as well as several stuffed animals that talk.

(Yes, she said talk. As in talk, argue, sing and give advice. Tickle Me Elmo has got nothing on these guys!)

Since 2006 I’ve had a disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, RSD, also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, CRPS. (You will often see it as RSD/CRPS.) It’s like dosing part or all of your body in gasoline and setting it on fire, then letting it burn. Now try wearing clothes, walking, hugging, sleeping in your bed, enjoying…time…with your spouse.

Yes, it generally sucks.  And the only real treatment is about 4-5 years away.  Well, now you have lots of time to get to know me.

Just what you always wanted, right? (Riiiiiight.)

(Oh shut up you!)

Oh no, not you! The other me! I meant… oh, never mind. You’ll figure it out.