What is a bummette?

First we must define BUM. I’m sure that you all know what a bum is, and maybe even have first hand knowledge of a bum or two. Maybe your college roommate was a bum, or a guy at work, perhaps a friend to whom you said, “Sure, you can crash on our couch! As long as you need. (At this point your girlfriend DRAGGED you into the back of the house and hit you on the shoulder. HARD. “As long as you need…what were you thinking??” Eight months later, your friend is playing on your X-box, LOAFING on YOUR couch, having eaten all the food in your refrigerator and has recently had a farting contest. With the dog.)

Maybe even you yourself are a bum. If so, good for you. Not everyone can be a bum and still survive in this world. Of course, I’m sure you live with your parents, and play EverCrack all night long, but still, you are living the dream!  Or some kind of dream anyway.

Where were we?  Ah yes, defining BUM. There are many definitions, so we will use this one for our exercise.

From http://www.thefreedictionary.com/bum:

bum 1
2. A lazy…person, especially one who seeks to live solely by the support of others. (ie: Mr. I live with my parents and play a lot of WOW!)



2. To loaf. (THIS I have mastered.)
2. Disabled; malfunctioning: a bum shoulder. (I was caught of guard by this one, but it applies better than any definition. I have a bum body.)

In one way or another, all of these definitions apply. Now for the easy part. -ette. As in BUM-ette.

ette: A small or  feminine version of a word. (ie: The LAKER-ettes,  a casette (from the French, small box), brochette (a small scewer), Corvette…wait, not so much.)

SO…a bummette: a small, lazy female who loafs and is disabled. Of course, if one loafs for too long, one is no longer so small either. But I digrette…digress.

I am a bummette. Not a Bummette, a bummette, little b. You spell God with a capital G, right?  Well, I’m NO Bummette. Just bummette. And I’m ok with that.

Actually, I have a disease called RSD or CRPS. Feel free to read this post to learn more and figure out WHY I’m a bummette.

As if you wouldn’t want to be one, too.